Jason Wilk
Chief Executive Officer, President, and Co-Founder
Jason Wilk

Jason Wilk is the co-founder and has served as Chief Executive Officer of Dave since May 2016. Jason has over 15 years of experience building digital companies. In April 2010, Jason founded WriteyBoard, an international whiteboard and furniture solution for startup companies and small businesses, where he still acts as current advisor. Prior to WriteyBoard, from January 2010 to July 2016, Jason founded and served as Chief Executive Officer of AllScreen.TV, a technology platform that enabled large media outlets to syndicate their digital content to over 500 publishers. Jason began his career as the founder and Chief Executive Officer of 1DaySports.com, which was acquired in 2008. 

Kyle Beilman
Chief Financial Officer
Kyle Beilman

Kyle is the Chief Financial Officer at Dave, overseeing the strategic finance, corporate development, accounting, business operations, member success, and investor relations functions. As one of Dave’s first employees in 2017, he was responsible for laying the foundation for much of the company’s operations and played a key role in taking the company public in January 2022.

Kyle started his career in investment banking before transitioning into corporate strategy at Red Bull where he led strategic initiatives across the company’s media and beverage businesses.

Chien-Liang Chou
Chief Technology Officer
Chien-Liang Chou

Chien is the Chief Technology Officer at Dave where he leads the engineering, data, infrastructure, security, and information technology teams. Chien has over 20 years of experience developing software technologies and building engineering teams in the technology industry, as well as working in hypergrowth startups and public companies like Salesforce, Flexport, Lending Club, and now Dave.

At Dave, he’s focused on building the long-term plan and vision for Dave’s architecture, scaling its software and systems, and developing the tech team.

Michael Goodbody
Chief Marketing Officer

Michael is a fintech growth veteran and Chief Marketing Officer of Dave, one of America’s leading neobanks. Dave is on the side of the little guy, committed to leveling the financial playing field for the majority of Americans that live paycheck to paycheck.

Prior to joining Dave, Michael was VP of Marketing and Growth at Credit Karma where he was directly responsible for launching and scaling major initiatives such as Credit Karma Tax and Credit Karma Money and Director of Marketing at Wise, one of the UK’s leading technology companies, where he led the company’s launch and expansion across the US and subsequently across the Americas.

Shannon Sullivan
Chief People Officer

Shannon joined Dave in August 2020 as its first Chief People Officer overseeing and driving the strategy for the company’s people function, often known as Human Resources. She is responsible for creating a best-in-class employee experience that supports the company’s growth and aligns with its core values.

As a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience, Shannon has a strong track record of aligning HR with business strategy and organization design. Prior to Dave, Shannon served as SVP, Talent & Organization at Hulu.

Mia Alexander
VP Member Success
Mia Alexander

Mia Alexander is the VP of Member Success at Dave, overseeing the customer lifecycle, fraud management, and bank operations. With over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, Mia has dedicated her career to transforming banking experiences for unrepresented communities through customer care, service, and success. She has overseen a global staff of 2,000+, been part of two successful IPOs, and received multiple leadership awards, most recently being recognized by Money20/20 as part of their RiseUp Cohort awardees and winning the IBEX Fintech CX Leadership Awards in 2021.

“Educating people about their finances and helping them achieve financial health is my passion.” –Mia

Grahame Fraser
Head of Product Management

Grahame joined Dave in April 2020 as Head of Product Management where he leads the product management, research and design teams, driving product strategy for our credit and banking products, as well as our platform and enterprise tooling.

Grahame has been a leader in digital product development for nearly two decades, working on a wide range of digital products across retail e-commerce, media, SaaS talent solutions, and fintech at organizations which include Nordstrom, Yahoo, and Fox Sports.

John Ricci
General Counsel

John serves as Dave’s General Counsel, overseeing all legal and compliance matters affecting the company. John is a fintech veteran and helped take Dave public in January 2022.

Prior to Dave, John spent 17 years as General Counsel at Green Dot, where he managed all legal matters, including its 2010 IPO as well as its successful application to become a bank holding company and acquire a bank. Prior to Green Dot, John was a corporate lawyer advising start-ups, growth companies, and venture capital funds. He started his legal career at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in the Division of Enforcement.